A Simple Guide for Dollhouse Back Cover and Display Case

If you are one of the dollhouse aficionados out there, then you must know that it is one of the most hotly debated topics. While every collector wants to prove that their back cover and display cases are best for the miniature christmas decorations, the truth is, it varies greatly depending on the choices of the collector. In the following section of this article, we have talked about different options so that you can make the right decision about the dollhouse display.

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Back covers

Most amateurs think that choosing a back cover for the dollhouses is a pretty straightforward affair. The truth is not that simple. While you can go for a clear back cover to keep the dust away, it is hard to get these covers for the larger dollhouses. The simple straight cover is also unavailable for dollhouses of different shapes. For example, it would be difficult for you to find a straight cover for an L-shaped dollhouse.

So, to choose the best cover available in the market for your miniature christmas decorations, make the decision before assembling the dollhouse. The unique measurements of the tab and slot dollhouses make it almost impossible for you to find the perfect cover that suits it. You have to most probably modify certain features of the dollhouse to make the cover fit. Deciding on the cover before assembling the dollhouse would offer you an added advantage.

Finding The Back Cover

You should always look for the cover that offers the maximum protection to your dollhouse. Saying that, make sure that your cover is aesthetically pleasing and offers a professional vibe. Choosing a cover made from a clear acrylic shape is the best way to flaunt your dollhouse while keeping the dust at bay. You can also buy the acrylic sheet from the market and create a dollhouse cover on your own.

Fitting The Back Cover

The acrylic sheet that you get from the market would not fit all the curves and the angles of your dollhouse. You will only get the straight cut dollhouse covers. That means you have to sew the square sheet protrudes of the corner of the dollhouse to make it fit perfectly. Always remember that the acrylic sheets are heavy. So, it is important to rest the bottom edge of the acrylic sheets on the base where your dollhouse sits. The dollhouses are petite miniature christmas decorations. They are not designed to carry heavyweights.

miniature christmas decorations

Display Cases

It is hard to create back covers for the smaller dollhouses. The small twists and turns of the smaller dollhouses make the back cover look odd. That’s why you should cover it completely with the help of a display case. You can buy a custom display case specially made for your dollhouse, but it would cost you a fair sum of money. However, with the acrylic sheets, you can easily create display cases on your own. Use the poster frames to create display cases.

All in all, there is no better or best when it comes to the back cover or the display cases. Being the collector, you have to understand the structure of the miniature christmas decorations dollhouse and choose the back cover or the display case accordingly. If you are industrious, you can build a display case or a back cover as well.